The image is a teal-colored header with text that reads "The Top 13 Champify alternatives & competitors for 2024," likely meant for an article or blog post discussing various options to a service named Champify. It features icons that suggest teamwork and connectivity, with a cursor icon that may imply a call to action or starting point.
The image is a teal-colored header with text that reads "The Top 13 Champify alternatives & competitors for 2024," likely meant for an article or blog post discussing various options to a service named Champify. It features icons that suggest teamwork and connectivity, with a cursor icon that may imply a call to action or starting point.

Champify is a sales tool that helps businesses identify new sales opportunities. It tracks when a customer's contact changes jobs and alerts the sales team, allowing them to reconnect with familiar contacts at new companies. This is a very effective way to generate leads because former customers are more likely to be receptive to a sales pitch.

Top Features of Champify

Here are some top features users typically highlight when talking about Champify’s capabilities:

  • Tracks job changes: Champify monitors your existing customer contacts, focusing on those with whom you have strong relationships (e.g., closed won deals). It tracks when these contacts move to new companies.
  • Identifies warm leads more receptive to your outreach efforts: By targeting former customers already familiar with your product or service, Champify creates "warm leads" - contacts more likely to be receptive to a sales proposal.
  • Integration with Salesforce: Champify is a native Salesforce app that works seamlessly within your CRM system. It automates tasks like creating leads and contacts, assigning them to sales reps, and triggering outreach workflows.

Why Choose an Alternative to Champify?

Choosing an alternative to Champify may be beneficial for several reasons:

  • Limited support: Some users may find the support offered by Champify inadequate for effectively addressing issues or optimizing usage, particularly when immediate or specialized assistance is required. 
  • Inefficient prospecting: While Champify helps with identifying job changes for prospecting, its workflows may sometimes be delayed (some users report even 12-24 months after a job change), potentially leading to missed opportunities to effectively reach and engage potential leads. 
  • Messaging challenges: Some users have had complaints regarding Champify emails, which are not always up to par and may lack the level of personalization necessary for successful outreach and relationship building. 

Unlike Champify's limited support, UserGems offers dedicated customer success and RevOps experts. They'll guide you through everything, from setup to training, even sharing playbooks for leveraging the product in the best way possible. UserGems’ certified team (Salesforce, Hubspot, LeanData) ensures smooth integration with your CRM and minimal disruption to your existing workflow. 

The platform focuses on efficient prospecting by tracking job changes and engaging leads with personalized messaging. This significantly enhances the success of your outreach efforts and increases the overall response rate. UserGems integrates seamlessly with CRMs and utilizes LinkedIn data and algorithmic and human verification for high-quality, relevant insights.

The 13 Best Champify Alternatives on the Market Right Now

To stay ahead of the competition in the dynamic sales industry, you must leverage the best tools to understand and engage your prospects. While Champify has been a notable contender in tracking champions and buying signals, its alternatives may offer unique advantages or better align with your needs.

This guide explores the 13 best alternatives to Champify, comparing their features, usability, and how they can enhance your sales intelligence strategy. 

  1. UserGems
  2. Dealfront (Leadfeeder)
  4. Salesforce Sales Cloud
  5. Hubspot Sales Hub
  6. LeadFuze
  7. LeadIQ
  8. ZoomInfo 
  9. Adapt
  10. LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  11. Instantly
  12. Demandbase One
  13. Lusha

1. UserGems

UserGems goes beyond just job changes to identify ideal outreach moments. It tracks various buying signals, like downloading gated content, signing up for trials, or engaging with your brand on social media. These actions indicate an increased interest in your product or service.

By pinpointing these key engagement moments, UserGems automates personalized outreach to capture buyers when they're most receptive to marketing and sales efforts. This significantly increases the chances of successful interactions and conversions compared to traditional methods that rely solely on job title updates.

Key features of UserGems

  • Champion tracking: Identify and track changes for customer champions.
  • New hires & promotions: Capture new hires and promotions in ICP accounts.
  • Meeting Assistant: Sync contacts from Calendar to Salesforce.
  • Data quality: UserGems combines human and algorithm verification to ensure accuracy and less than a 5% bounce rate.
  • Integrations: Easy to integrate with 50+ sales and CRM tools, auto-enrolling leads in relevant pre-made SalesLoft & Outreach sequences.

Why do companies choose UserGems over Champify?

Compared to Champify, UserGems is a better option with its robust job change alerts, seamless CRM integration for automated sales sequences, and tracking of new hires and promotions within target accounts. These features enable more strategic and efficient outreach efforts, ensuring marketing and sales teams don't miss out on re-engaging valuable leads in new roles, which could lead to higher conversion rates and ROI.

Here is what real users are saying about the benefits of UserGems:

Examples of what real-world users are saying:

Here are some of the ways UserGems exceeds expectations when compared to Champify:

  • UserGems helps track job changes for all valuable buyers, whereas Champify focuses only on former customers.
  • UserGems helps capture new hires and promotions in ICP accounts, whereas Champify doesn't target these segments.
  • UserGems integrates with CRM and automates tasks, whereas Champify might require more manual work.
  • UserGems helps identify departing champions and new executives, whereas Champify might not have this capability.
  • UserGems helps identify other key contacts, whereas Champify might be limited to existing ones.

What real customers are saying about UserGems:

  • Within six months of implementing UserGems, Dozuki experienced a 9X ROI and a more than 10X increase in deal size, marking a significant enhancement in pipeline velocity and engagement with target accounts. 
  • Leveraging UserGems' Account Tracking, Workramp increased their BDR-generated pipeline by 15% by automating the tracking of new in-role prospects at key accounts.
  • SeekOut utilized UserGems to automate the outreach to recruiter users who changed jobs, resulting in a 5X ROI and generating $1.5M in pipeline within the first year. 

2. Dealfront (formerly Leadfeeder)

Dealfront, formerly known as Leadfeeder, is a powerful B2B lead generation tool designed to reveal the companies visiting your website. It tracks IP addresses to reveal company names and the pages visited, transforming anonymous web traffic into real, actionable leads. It provides detailed insights into visitor behavior, enabling sales and marketing teams to identify potential customers, understand their needs, and tailor their approach accordingly. 

With Dealfront, companies can increase their sales intelligence, prioritize high-value prospects based on their web activity, and enhance their marketing efforts by targeting the most engaged companies. Integration with CRM systems further streamlines the lead management process, making Dealfront valuable for driving growth and efficiency.

Why users like Dealfront

Key features of Dealfront

  • Uncover companies visiting your website: Dealfront uses IP address tracking to identify businesses visiting your site. 
  • Gain insights into visitors’ browsing behavior: See which pages they visited and for how long. 
  • Target high-quality leads: Focus your sales and marketing efforts on the companies most likely to convert.

Who is Dealfront a good fit for?

  • Sales teams looking to identify anonymous website visitors and contact them.
  • Marketing teams who want to target their campaigns to companies visiting the site.
  • Companies wanting to integrate website visitor tracking with their CRM

What are some limitations of Dealfront?

Dealfront Pricing

  • A free plan is available and has no time limit. It provides data from the last seven days only and identifies a maximum of 100 companies.
  • Paid plan starts at €99 per month (107 US dollars), it’s paid annually and comes with a 14-day free trial. It provides unlimited visits and data storage to an unlimited number of users.

3. is a comprehensive sales intelligence platform that streamlines prospecting, outreach, and sales processes. It combines a vast database with powerful tools for finding and connecting with potential leads, enabling personalized contact at scale. 

Features include lead scoring, email sequencing, and CRM integrations, making it ideal for teams looking to automate their sales funnel and enhance efficiency.'s analytics provide insights into campaign performance, helping users refine strategies for better engagement and conversion rates. 

Why users like

Key features of

  • Lead scoring and prioritization: enables sales teams to score and prioritize leads based on engagement and fit.
  • Email sequencing and automation: Offers tools for creating personalized email sequences to automate outreach and sales follow-ups.
  • Rich prospecting database: Provides access to a vast database of potential leads with detailed filtering options to target the right audience.

Who is a good fit for?

  • Sales and marketing teams seeking to automate and streamline their lead generation and outreach processes. 
  • Companies looking to enhance their B2B sales strategies with data-driven insights and targeting. 
  • Businesses of all sizes aiming to scale their prospecting efforts and improve conversion rates.

What are some limitations of Apollo? Pricing

Apollo offers a variety of pricing plans, including free and paid plans. There is a free trial available.  Paid plans are billed annually or monthly and include: 

  • Basic: $49 per user/month
  • Professional: $79 per user/month
  • Organization: $119 per user/month (minimum 3 users)

4. Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud is an all-encompassing CRM platform that boosts sales efficiency and success. It integrates lead management, sales forecasting, and opportunity tracking, allowing sales teams to automate processes and analyze performance through customizable reports and dashboards. 

Its cloud-based structure ensures real-time access to data, fostering collaboration across teams and devices. The platform's scalability supports businesses of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises, aiming to streamline their sales cycle and enhance customer relationships.

Why users like Salesforce Sales Cloud

Key features of Salesforce Sales Cloud

  • Comprehensive CRM capabilities: Centralizes customer information, interactions, and history to enhance relationship management. 
  • Advanced analytics and forecasting: Offers detailed insights into sales trends, performance metrics, and forecasting for data-driven decisions. 
  • Customizable dashboards and reports: Enables personalized dashboards and reports for real-time visibility into sales activities and outcomes.

Who is Salesforce Sales Cloud a good fit for?

  • Larger businesses looking for a scalable CRM to grow with their sales needs.
  • Sales teams in need of a comprehensive platform for managing customer relationships, sales pipelines, and performance metrics
  • Organizations seeking to leverage data-driven insights for sales forecasting and decision-making to optimize their sales strategies

What are some limitations of Salesforce Sales Cloud?

Salesforce Sales Cloud Pricing

Pricing plans start with the Starter Suite for basic CRM functionalities at $25 per user/month. The tiers escalate to Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited editions, priced at $80, $165, and $330 per user/month, respectively, billed annually. Each tier adds more advanced features, with the top-tier Einstein 1 Sales plan at $500 per user/month, including generative AI and comprehensive data integration tools.

5. Hubspot Sales Hub

HubSpot Sales Hub is a comprehensive sales platform designed to help teams close more deals, deepen relationships, and manage their pipeline more effectively. It features email tracking and notifications, meeting scheduling, and a sales CRM to streamline the sales process. The tool also offers productivity-boosting tools like sales automation, deal tracking, and performance insights to enhance sales activities. 

HubSpot Sales Hub integrates seamlessly with other HubSpot products for a unified approach to sales and marketing. 

Why users like Hubspot Sales Hub

Key features of Hubspot Sales Hub

  • Email tracking and notifications: Notifies salespeople when their emails are opened or clicked, enabling timely follow-ups. 
  • Meeting scheduling: Simplifies the meeting setup process with prospects through easy scheduling links. 
  • Sales automation: Automates repetitive tasks and streamlines the sales process for increased efficiency.

Who is Hubspot Sales Hub a good fit for?

  • Small to medium-sized businesses seeking an integrated platform for sales and marketing activities. 
  • Sales teams in need of tools to efficiently track, organize, and nurture leads through the sales pipeline
  • Companies looking for a scalable solution to support their growth with advanced sales automation and analytics.

What are some limitations of HubSpot Sales Hub?

Hubspot Sales Hub Pricing

The professional plan starts at $90 per month/user, while the Enterprise plan with advanced control and flexibility costs $150 per month/user. 

6. LeadFuze

LeadFuze is lead generation software designed for sales teams and recruiters. It offers automated list-building and outreach capabilities. It focuses on providing highly targeted lead lists from its database, featuring real-time verified contact information. 

The tool integrates AI-powered search and list-building functionalities, enabling users to create custom lists based on specific criteria such as industry, location, company size, and job roles. 

With LeadFuze, users can automate their outreach processes, increasing efficiency and allowing more time for closing deals. 

Why users like LeadFuze

Key features of LeadFuze

  • Automated lead list building: Offers AI-driven list building to generate highly targeted lead lists based on specific criteria. 
  • Real-time verified contact info: Ensures access to up-to-date and verified email addresses and phone numbers for leads. 
  • Outreach Automation: Automates the outreach process, allowing for personalized communication at scale with potential leads.

Who is LeadFuze a good fit for?

  • Sales teams looking for efficient ways to automate their lead generation process. 
  • Recruiters looking for qualified candidates with specific industry skills and experience. 
  • Businesses aiming to streamline outreach and increase prospecting productivity.

What are some limitations of LeadFuze?

LeadFuze Pricing

LeadFuze offers three pricing plans: Unlimited, Scaling, and Custom:

  • Scaling plan starts at $147/month, while Unlimited plan starts at $397/month. Both include account- and market-based search filters, Fuzebot list build automation, ignore lists, export to CSV, de-duplication integrations, and LinkedIn URL lookups. The difference is that the unlimited plan has unlimited lead credits while scaling offers 500 lead credits/month.
  • Custom plan is designed for those who need custom lead credits beyond 2,500, want to avoid a monthly commitment, or have 5+ users. 

7. LeadIQ

LeadIQ is a sales intelligence platform offering tools to build a confident pipeline. It features one-click workflow prospecting, tracking of key accounts and contacts, AI-powered email personalization, and CRM data enrichment. 

Boasting a B2B database with millions of verified profiles, LeadIQ focuses on data quality and accuracy for effective prospecting. It integrates with major CRMs and sales engagement platforms, promoting efficient pipeline generation and workflow improvement.

Why users like LeadIQ

Key features of LeadIQ

  • One-click workflow for prospecting: Simplifies finding and saving potential contacts directly from the web and social profiles. 
  • AI-powered email personalization: Enhances outreach effectiveness by generating customized emails for each prospect. 
  • Real-time verified contact data: Offers access to a database with millions of verified profiles, ensuring high accuracy and quality for targeted outreach.

Who is LeadIQ a good fit for?

  • Sales leaders and account executives seeking efficient tools for prospecting and tracking buyer signals. 
  • SDR leaders or sales development companies aiming to further enhance their outreach strategies with personalized communication and streamlined lead management. 
  • Revenue and sales operations professionals looking for robust data integration and automation to improve sales workflows and efficiency.

What are some limitations of LeadIQ?

LeadIQ Pricing

  • A free plan is available
  • The essential plan starts at $39 per month/user and is ideal for small sales teams just starting, looking to find prospect data.
  • The pro plan starts at $79 per month/user and is intended for growing sales teams focused on building pipelines with a smooth outbound prospecting process.
  • The enterprise plan is for established sales teams looking to increase outbound activities and response rates without risking data hygiene. Price available at request.

8. ZoomInfo 

ZoomInfo is a comprehensive B2B data and software platform designed to enhance business growth by connecting sales and marketing teams with valuable buyers through a unified system. 

It provides actionable insights, facilitates channel engagement, and streamlines go-to-market strategies with automation and simplified tech stack integration. 

Trusted by over 35,000 businesses, ZoomInfo is recognized for significantly improving win rates, reducing marketing expenses, and boosting overall sales productivity, making it an essential tool for data-driven revenue generation.

Why users like ZoomInfo

Key features of ZoomInfo 

  • Comprehensive B2B data: Provides access to a vast database of business contacts and companies for targeted prospecting. 
  • Sales and marketing integration: Unites sales and marketing efforts with tools for efficient, collaborative outreach. 
  • Automation and intelligence: Offers automation capabilities and insights to enhance lead generation and engagement processes.

Who is ZoomInfo a good fit for?

  • Sales and marketing teams seeking to streamline prospecting with accurate B2B data. 
  • Companies aiming to enhance lead generation and engagement through data-driven insights. 
  • B2B organizations looking to integrate and automate sales and marketing efforts to increase efficiency

What are some limitations of ZoomInfo?

ZoomInfo Pricing

ZoomInfo offers three pricing plans: SalesOS, MarketingOS, and TalentOS. It also offers three levels of customer support: Standard, Preferred, and Premium. Prices are available upon request.

9. Adapt

Adapt is a B2B lead intelligence platform that empowers marketing and sales teams with accurate data to fuel growth. It stands out with its easy-to-use interface, reliable contact data for key business people, and class-leading support. 

Adapt simplifies prospecting with industry-leading filters, enhances outreach with its enrichment and API capabilities, and integrates seamlessly into workspaces, making it a powerful tool for global teams aiming for accurate data-driven strategies.

Why users like Adapt

Key features of Adapt

  • Prospecting: Adapt enables swift identification of your target audience with leading-edge filters, allowing easy contact list additions, CSV exports, or CRM integration. 
  • Enrichment: Enhance your data with crucial information for comprehensive lead scoring and data health, utilizing Adapt's enrichment services. 
  • API integration: Empower your applications with Adapt's data through API access, facilitating search, enrichment, and more for seamless data integration.

Who is Adapt a good fit for?

  • Sales and marketing teams seeking efficient prospecting tools and accurate B2B contact data
  • Companies looking to enhance their lead management and scoring with enriched data
  • Developers and businesses in need of integrating reliable data into their applications via API

What are some limitations of Adapt?

Adapt Pricing

Pricing is flexible and tailored to clients’ needs. All information is available on request.

10. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a sophisticated tool designed to enhance sales performance by providing deeper insights and a more targeted approach to prospecting. It enables sales professionals to prioritize accounts, facilitate warm introductions, and stay informed on key signals and updates, such as job changes. 

With features like advanced account search and customer insights, Sales Navigator helps build stronger relationships with potential customers, making it easier for sales teams to connect with the right people at the right time. This tool is particularly useful for developing the habits of top sales performers, aiming to increase conversation rates and drive sales efficiency.

Why users like LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Key features of LinkedIn Sales Navigator

  • Key decision-maker alerts for timely outreach 
  • Account IQ leveraging AI and LinkedIn data for deep account understanding
  • Relationship map to visualize and engage with key account stakeholders effectively

Who is LinkedIn Sales Navigator a good fit for?

  • Sales professionals and teams looking to strategically prioritize and engage with key accounts
  • Companies aiming to deepen their market penetration through data-driven insights and targeted outreach
  • Sales operations and CRM managers seeking to integrate and streamline sales processes with current technologies.

What are some limitations of LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Pricing

Core, Advanced, and Advanced Plus plans are available. All offer a free trial, and prices are available upon request.

11. Instantly

Instantly is a sales engagement and lead intelligence platform designed to amplify email outreach campaigns. It offers unlimited email-sending accounts, email warm-up services, access to a B2B lead database, and generative AI to optimize campaigns. 

Tailored for those seeking to significantly increase their leads, meetings, and deals, Instantly supports scalability and efficiency in email marketing strategies. It appeals to a broad range of clients seeking more effective engagement with their prospects.

Why users like Instantly

Key features of Instantly

  • Unlimited email-sending accounts: Enables scalable outreach campaigns with no cap on email account usage
  • B2B lead database access: Provides a comprehensive database for targeted prospecting
  • Generative AI for campaign optimization: Utilizes AI to enhance email outreach strategies for better engagement and results.

Who is Instantly a good fit for?

  • Agencies and recruiters looking to boost their outreach and lead-generation efforts through cold email strategies.
  • Entrepreneurs and sales teams aiming to scale their email marketing campaigns efficiently
  • Marketing professionals seeking to improve deliverability and engagement through advanced email strategies

What are some limitations of Instantly?

Instantly Pricing

  • The "Growth" plan starts at $30 per month and provides unlimited email accounts and warm-up, 1,000 active leads, and 5,000 emails per month.
  • Hypergrowth plan at $77.6 per month offers 25,000 active leads and 125,000 emails per month. 
  • The light Speed plan, priced at $286,3 per month, includes all the features of "Hypergrowth" plus additional capabilities for extensive outreach. Each plan has a free trial, and no credit card is required to start. 

12. Demandbase One

Demandbase One™ is an AI-driven Go-to-Market (GTM) platform that optimizes sales and marketing efforts by providing advanced account-based marketing (ABM/ABX), sales intelligence, buying intent signals, and predictive analytics. 

It leverages a combination of your data, their data, and AI to offer comprehensive B2B data solutions, including account intelligence, to better identify and engage with target accounts. 

This platform is designed to help businesses spot opportunities earlier, orchestrate smarter sales and marketing motions, and achieve more effective, efficient outcomes.

Why users like Demandbase One

Key features of Demandbase One

  • Comprehensive account intelligence: Combines user data, Demandbase data, and AI for a deeper understanding of target accounts. 
  • Advanced ABM/ABX capabilities: Facilitates personalized marketing and sales approaches to engage key accounts effectively. 
  • Predictive analytics and buying intent: Utilizes AI to identify and prioritize accounts showing a high likelihood to purchase, enabling timely and relevant engagement.

Who is Demandbase One a good fit for?

  • B2B marketing teams looking to implement or enhance their account-based marketing strategies
  • Sales teams aiming to prioritize and engage more effectively with high-value accounts
  • Companies across various industries seeking to integrate and streamline their sales and marketing efforts for targeted account engagement

What are some limitations of Demandbase One?

Demandbase One Pricing

Professional, Enterprise, and Elite plans are available. Pricing is available upon request. By answering six simple questions, you can get an estimated price for your business needs.

13. Lusha

Lusha is a B2B sales intelligence platform that empowers sales teams by providing the most accurate company and contact data. It aids in reaching the right decision-makers and enhancing the sales process with features such as intent signals, job change alerts, and a technology filter. These features allow users to target customers who are more likely to buy, stay updated on prospects' job changes, and focus on companies with specific tech stacks. 

Lusha emphasizes data quality, compliance (CCPA, GDPR, ISO 27701), and efficiency, aiming to multiply outbound leads, deals, ROI, and conversions for top revenue teams. The platform offers a comprehensive solution with tools for prospecting, enrichment, and engagement, facilitated by an easy-to-use interface and integration capabilities.

Why users like Lusha

Key features of Lusha

  • Intent signals: Identifies a company's likelihood to purchase based on behavioral indicators
  • Job change alerts: Notifies users of prospects’ job changes to uncover new sales opportunities
  • Technology filter: Enables targeting of companies by their specific technology stacks.

Who is Lusha a good fit for?

  • Sales teams looking to streamline their prospecting process and enhance lead quality with accurate data.
  • Marketing professionals seeking to target and engage with decision-makers using precise contact information and intent data
  • Recruiters who need to stay informed about job changes and reach potential candidates directly through verified contact details

What are some limitations of Lusha?

Lusha Pricing

  • A free plan is available for testing and provides five credits per user
  • The Pro plan, essential for finding your prospects, starts at $29 per user/month (480 credits)
  • The Premium plan, perfect for small teams with simple workflows, starts at $51 per user/month (960 credits)
  • A scale plan is ideal for prospecting at large scales. It provides unlimited contacts. Price is available upon request.

UserGems — The #1 Champify Alternative

The UserGems platform has revolutionized the way businesses approach customer onboarding and sales automation.

With a track record of successfully onboarding hundreds of customers across diverse tech stacks, we've proven our ability to adapt and deliver results in any environment. Our commitment to accuracy is unmatched, as evidenced by our capability to capture the most precise job changes and verify new email addresses, boasting a bounce rate of less than 5%.

We go beyond traditional sales automation and automatically generate personalized sales sequences tailored to individual prospects, offering built-in email and Slack notifications to streamline the sales process and maximize engagement. By leveraging data from team calendars, we help expand marketing and sales audiences by pinpointing buyers missing from CRM records.

Our dedication to customer success is evident through our provision of dedicated Customer Success (CS) and strategic Revenue Operations (RevOps) support. This personalized assistance ensures that our clients optimize their use of our platform and achieve their business objectives effectively. With UserGems, businesses can confidently navigate the complexities of the modern sales process, driving success and growth with ease.

Schedule a demo call with our team to learn more about how UserGems can help you.

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