Grow Your Pipeline By Selling To Previous Buyers

How To Generate Demand With UserGems

What Is UserGems?

UserGems enables your marketing and sales team to reach out to the right buyer, at the right time, and ahead of your competition.

How do we do it? By automatically creates new leads when:

  • ... your customers change their jobs: Whenever any of your customers change their job, UserGems creates a new lead in your CRM and provides their new work email addresses. These contacts include your previous decision makers, influencers, admins, and users. The latter two are also important as they can be your champions into their new company.
  • ... there are new buyers/champions in your target accounts: If you have a list of target accounts, UserGems continuously identifies any new buyers and champions that match your target persona. We then add the new prospects to your CRM along with their title, email addresses, etc. so you can select and segment for different campaigns.

Why Does This Matter To You?

  • Continuous flow of (warm) leads: 20-30% of people change their job every year which means 3-4% every month (source: Salesforce). We see this with our customers targeting a wide variety of industries, from SaaS to education and non-profit. It provides a continuous flow of leads (new buyers) and warm leads (your previous customers at new company) for your marketing team to target with personalized messages and awesome content.
  • Hit your revenue contribution number: newly-hired or recently-promoted buyers spend 70% of their budget in the first 100 days so you want to be top-of-mind during that window of purchase intent. Plus, reps who get in front of the buyers first to help build a vision for the solution win 74% of the time, and more so if they already used your product before.
  • Keep your email database marketable: 33% of your database goes stale every year because of people changing jobs. UserGems keeps your database marketable by updating these leads with their new work information and new work email addresses, while removing the outdated ones

Use Case: Email Campaign (for previous customers)

Run a monthly campaign targeting your previous customers that recently changed jobs. Since this audience is already familiar with your brand and product, the messaging should feel personalized and not your standard marketing/sales pitch.

For every lead, UserGems also links to the prospect’s previous information (e.g. previous account, previous title, and any information that’s captured in your CRM). This information can then be pulled into your email copy (using custom fields) so that the emails are automated but sound very personalized.

Example of a personalized but can be automated email:

One of our customers also includes relevant third-party validation and special incentive(s) in their drip campaign. The result was 2-3x lead-to-opp conversion rate compare to their average performance. Email channel is also their lowest cost of acquisition, resulting in this on-going campaign being one of their highest ROI.


Use Case: Ad Campaign (for previous customers)

With the new work email addresses that UserGems provides, your team can also run targeted ads at these warm prospects by creating a LinkedIn Matched Audience. LinkedIn has recently improved their match rate from work email to LinkedIn profiles which makes this tactic possible. (Last time we checked, it was around 60%).

To further improve the match rate, you could use a data vendor (such as SayPrimer) to convert the work email addresses to personal ones - which then can also be used for Facebook Custom Audience.  

Unfortunately, LinkedIn and Facebook don't offer out-of-the-box custom fields to personalize ad creatives the way the emails can, but you can still have relevant ads such as  "Congratulations on your new role. Here's our first-90-day guide to succeed as a [role]".

If you're interested in a hyper-personalizing your ad creative and targeting one-to-one, we've heard that Influ2 can be a good option.


Use Case: Ad Campaign (for new prospects at target accounts)

Similar to the use case above, but this one is for net-new prospects that UserGems identifies in your target accounts.

Unlike a typical lead list (purchased or already exist in your CRM), UserGems continuously updates its data to find prospects that match your target persona (one or multiple). So most of these prospects are newly-hired or recently-promoted, allowing your team to reach out first when they're still building their team and tech stack.

Many companies run campaigns at the account-level, i.e. select companies that match the ICP then narrow down by job seniority and function. UserGems makes it possible AND easy to run these campaigns at the contact-level, allowing for more personalized and relevant ad creatives.

Use Case: ABM Campaign

UserGems enables ABM further alignment between sales and marketing by making it easy to select targeted prospects before running the campaign. Marketing can ensure that ads ad direct mail target these specific prospects (Sendoso / PFL / Alyce) to build awareness and consideration, then sales engage with emails to convert, maximizing your joint ABM efforts.  

For direct mails: instead of swags or coffee mugs, we've also seen great responses by ordering donuts and coffee for the team before the end of month or quarter if the buyer is a sales/marketing leader, or donating to a local school or a non-profit on the prospect's behalf (check out

Use Case: Keep Your Database Marketable

UserGems is a powerful way to grow the marketability of your database at minimal cost compare to other channels. Since a third of your database goes stale every year as people change jobs, you need to acquire more than 33% new leads every year to grow your database.

UserGems automatically creates new leads with new email addresses (and flag the old one as "Left Company") when any of your lead changes their jobs. That way, you can continue engaging and moving these hard-earned leads down the funnel.

Those are some examples of how our customers and us internally have leveraged UserGems to grow our pipeline. If you have other use cases or questions, email me at:

Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash