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How we use the new hire buying signal to generate 14% of new revenue (and you can, too!)

Feb 27, 2024
4 min
We’re pulling back the curtain on how we used the New Hires & Promotions signal to drive 8% of our pipeline and generate 14% of annual revenue.

Welcome to the era of Signal-based GTM

Feb 22, 2024
4 min
We're calling it: spray-and-pray is out, relevant outbound based on buying signals is in. Here's what you need to know.

The cheat code that generated 25% of pipeline and 37% of revenue last year

Feb 22, 2024
4 min
We used two signal-based programs to generate 25% of UserGems pipeline in 2023. Here's why this strategy works.
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Champion tracking: The next high-performing marketing channel

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