Why Companies Go With UserGems vs SifData?

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"UserGems delivers true, concrete ROI on day one. It has turned out to be one of the most valuable solutions we have added to our go-to-market tech stack in the last two years."

former VP of Sales,

Why Companies Choose UserGems Over SifData

Speed And Scale

UserGems tracks hundreds of thousands of contacts continuously so that you can reach out as soon as buyers start their new roles

Data Security

UserGems leverages our own algorithm to process data in the U.S. instead of outsourcing your customer data to teams overseas

Accurate Data & Email Addresses

UserGems provides verified email addresses, even for buyers who recently started their jobs, resulting in less than 5% bounce rate

Complement Your Existing Technology

UserGems is integrated with Salesforce, Outreach, SalesLoft, and customizable to fit into what’s already working for your team

The Details

Contact Tracking For Job Changes
Track unlimited number of contacts and leads in your Salesforce and product user base

Monthly refresh

Flag when a contact has left their job

Provide their new work email addresses, phone, address, new position & company
5% email bounce rate

80 - 95% LinkedIn match rate

Done automatically with algorithm
Your data stays within the U.S.

With UserGems, you'll turn buyer job changes into a monthly source of warm leads.

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